Apps are a powerful way to build deeper relationships with customers.


You can’t assume people are heading to the app stores to find the fantasy sports apps they’re looking for. In fact, only 40% of smartphone users browse for apps in app stores. That means the rest are finding apps on different digital channels - particularly search engines and social media. More and more people say they download apps because of search and social ads. In fact, of those who downloaded an app based on an ad viewed on their smartphone, 50% said they were prompted to do so by an ad. This shift paves the way for fantasy sports companies to rethink their brand's approach to app discovery.



Gain visibility for your app through Google AdWords campaigns designed specifically for mobile app downloads. These campaigns help reach a highly targeted audience who are interested in your fantasy sports app. Downloads occur directly from the ad, directing users to the appropriate app store that corresponds to the device they’ve searched on. FantasyMeter takes on complete campaign and budget management.


Whether it’s on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, fantasy sports app developers are turning to social media to promote mobile app downloads. “Suggested App”
campaigns allows for direct app downloads from the individual app stores.
FantasyMeter handles the complete campaign management, including audience targeting, creative sets and budget.

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See FantasyMeter in action. Check out one of our app promotion campaigns below:
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