September 16, 2016

When it comes to your fantasy sports business’ overall marketing strategy, there’s no advantage in selecting only sleeper picks. Think about it, which would you rather have: a strategy that you invest very little in and hope, by chance, that it scores a TD or hits a HR; or a bad ass, reliable strategy that may cost more, but you’ll definitely get the points you need to beat your competition? Look, don’t get me wrong. You need those sleeper picks to supplement your big players. If you didn’t have them, at some point you’d run out of budget. But you can’t ignore the direct impact your studs have...

August 26, 2016

You’ve put countless amounts of time and effort into the development of your fantasy sports platform. You’ve beta tested, worked out all the bugs, and now you’re ready to launch - just in time for the new fantasy football season. So now what? The fantasy sports market isn’t the Field of Dreams. Just because you built it doesn’t mean they’ll come. You need advertising as a strong component of your overall business plan. And the type of advertising you use depends on your overall goal. What are you looking for? Brand awareness? New paid subscribers? New deposits and players?

There are constant ne...

August 12, 2016

Fantasy sports fanatics are inundated with content – great content, mediocre content and content that makes them say WTF. Much is self-inflicted because people who play fantasy sports are obsessed with content. They’re looking for content to help them find that one-in-a-million sleeper pick; content to help build a winning DFS lineup; content about injuries, weather, Vegas odds. But bottom line, they’re looking for content to help them win.

The Internet grows every single day. We add 2.5 quintillion bytes of data to the Internet every day. We publish 2 million new blog posts and upload 100,000...

August 5, 2016

We’ll come out and blatantly say it: Digital advertising is a gamble. It’s like DFS play - you win some, you lose some. It’s a gamble that quite frankly, many fantasy sports businesses shy away from. We talk to a lot of businesses each week. And at least once a week we hear from a fantasy sports company that tried to market their business online in the past and failed miserably. They’ve been burned. They’ve invested money into something that didn’t provide them the new players, new subscribers, or new downloads they thought they’d get. So skepticism sinks in.

There are really three things that...

July 20, 2016

Social media drives big decisions in fantasy sports. It’s the place many fantasy players look to in deciding whether to take a gamble on a high-end wide receiver listed DTD, or securing an under-the-radar sleeper pick. It can be the difference in winning a season-long league or being eliminated in Week 6. So to say social media is important to your fantasy sports business’ digital marketing strategy would be an understatement.

We evaluate a lot of social media campaigns in the fantasy sports space – everything from social ads to everyday casual postings. While the industry is doing a good job w...

July 13, 2016

Reaching a defined target audience online is an important part of any fantasy sports business’ digital marketing strategy. We’d love to say that there’s that one silver bullet that would garner the best results every time. But in reality, a cross-channel approach is your best opportunity to gain the most visitors, subscribers, or readers to your fantasy sports site. And as different marketing strategies begin to work in tandem, you’ll get better brand exposure, driving the right people to your site, and bringing them back after they’ve left.

Competition for site traffic is fierce in the fantasy...

June 30, 2016

The fantasy sports industry is fierce and competition is prevalent. Avid fantasy players spend a good portion of their day researching players, matchups, Vegas odds, weather, injuries, etc., just to say they’ve won their league, tournament or H2H contests (the extra cash is nice too).  The same strategy is true for fantasy sports businesses. So much time is spent researching the competition, evaluating the market, and evolving technology in order to stand apart.

Competition is extremely important for any fantasy sports business. It pushes you to be better. Where would DraftKings be without FanD...

June 23, 2016

Why devote an entire blog post focused on writing a very small portion of your email marketing campaign? Simply put, it’s the most important part of your campaign. But so many fantasy sports businesses are chronically doing it wrong.

As passionate DFS and season-long players, we get tons of email from businesses like yours. And so much of that email goes unopened just because you didn’t grab our attention with the subject line. We’re not alone. Inbox competition is fierce. Multiple companies send daily emails about projections, analytics, player and team news, injury updates, sleeper picks, tec...

June 16, 2016

It’s hard to find a fantasy sports site without a blog. It doesn’t matter if you’re a gaming platform, an analytics company, a data provider or a lineup optimizer, your blog is a key component of your site and your overall digital marketing strategy. Not only are they written to make your site sticky, blogs are one of the most effective tools for increasing organic search traffic. More traffic equals more entries, more subscriptions, and more business for your fantasy sports business.

In the content marketing world you’ll continually hear that “content is king.” It’s the driver of credibility,...

May 26, 2016

 Despite the regulatory turmoil that the fantasy sports industry is encountering, the industry itself is still very strong. Nearly 57 million people play fantasy sports in the U.S. and Canada and we’re just now seeing the impact of international expansion. As things start to settle down, you’re going to see even more fantasy sports startups popping up, ready to entice your customers to play on their platform, use their analytics tools, read their blogs, and use their data.


We talk to startups all the time. They are passionate about their product or service and can give an elevator pitch like a...

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September 16, 2016

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