Social media drives big decisions in the fantasy sports industry.


Get the ongoing brand or product exposure you’re looking for through highly-targeted social media advertising campaigns. Let FantasyMeter leverage our expertise to create effective campaigns that run across multiple platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and ad display networks.



From Facebook ‘like’ campaigns to sophisticated, highly-targeted Twitter  campaigns, FantasyMeter has you covered. Our team will execute attention-grabbing social  
marketing campaigns to keep your brand or product in front of potential customers on the social channels they frequent most. Creative sets and messaging  are continually refreshed  to keep your campaign fresh and optimized.


Facebook remarketing and ad display network campaigns allow you to target an audience that has previously visited your site or FantasyMeter-created landing page. Remarketing campaigns keep your brand or product in front of potential customers that have shown interest in your brand, continually reminding them of why they should do business with you as they visit other sites across the Internet.


Sporting events and tradeshows play a huge role in this industry. FantasyMeter’s geo-fencing tactics allow you to target attendees of these events with event or
venue-specific messaging that’s sure to get your customers’ attention.


“Interesting content” is one of the top three reasons people follow brands on social media. FantasyMeter’s curation services helps provide engaging content for your social media channels. Written in your voice and style, curated articles are posted at optimal times of the day for maximum engagement opportunities.

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