Tailor your message at the moment
a prospect is ready to take action.


When someone searches for a product or service online, they’re ready to buy. In our space, that means they’re ready to subscribe, read content or use your service to develop a platform. Pay-per-click campaigns turn into conversions. The top three paid ad spots in search results get 41% of the clicks on a page. And for every $1 a company spends on PPC campaigns, they make a total of $2 in revenue.  Successful lead acquisition is a product of multiple channels, quality content, and well-executed processes. FantasyMeter can help you capture and stay in front of your target audience through sophisticated PPC and display network campaigns.



Be seen by potential customers as they’re searching for your platform or service.
FantasyMeter’s PPC experts can create keyword sets, targeting options and budgets to get optimized results  for your campaign. Full PPC management and ongoing campaign monitoring from fantasy sports industry experts gives you top-notched performance of your ad.


Remarketing targets an audience that has previously visited your site. This tactic takes AdWords to the next level, allowing retargeting across Facebook and Google’s Display Network. And since 72% of online conversions follow exposure to display ads,
remarketing campaigns keep your message in front of potential customers that have already shown interest in your business.


Fully optimized landing pages are the focal points of strong lead acquisition. In fact, 68% of marketers use landing pages to garner new leads for future conversion.
FantasyMeter can implement landing pages for your fantasy sports business with
engaging design elements, lead acquisition forms, and proven results. Each landing page includes campaign reporting and analysis to help you understand your ROI.

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See FantasyMeter in action. Check out some of our actual lead acquisition campaigns below:
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