Adding PPC to your SEO arsenal

September 16, 2016


When it comes to your fantasy sports business’ overall marketing strategy, there’s no advantage in selecting only sleeper picks. Think about it, which would you rather have: a strategy that you invest very little in and hope, by chance, that it scores a TD or hits a HR; or a bad ass, reliable strategy that may cost more, but you’ll definitely get the points you need to beat your competition? Look, don’t get me wrong. You need those sleeper picks to supplement your big players. If you didn’t have them, at some point you’d run out of budget. But you can’t ignore the direct impact your studs have on your sleepers.


We’ve been in the digital marketing space for years. And SEO (search engine optimization) has been a player from the beginning. When we talk to fantasy sports companies about their marketing efforts, most tell us about their SEO initiatives – how they’re creating content, building links, optimizing pages, etc. But what they like most about SEO is the perception that it’s free. Sure, it can seem that way. But SEO is the sleeper pick of digital marketing. It takes a lot of time to see results. So there’s no instant gratification on whether or not the time you spend on SEO is really paying off.


Again, you need SEO. You can’t toss it out of your marketing equation. But to make the most of any inbound efforts, you also need another weapon in your arsenal. You can’t underestimate the power of PPC and its impact on your SEO efforts. Here are four ways you can use PPC to improve your fantasy sports business’ SEO results. 


PPC increases visibility on results pages


If you somehow managed to rank first for your keyword’s organic search results, pat yourself on the back. That comes with a lot of hard work and some stellar SEO execution. But wait. What about the 2-4 websites that appear above your No. 1 ranking?


The top results on most search engine results pages (SERPs) are PPC ads. And although you may be tempted to walk away once you’ve secured top organic placement, you don’t want to miss the opportunity for new players, new customers or new subscribers to see you first. Don’t forget, 64.6 percent of people click on the PPC ads when searching in Google, Bing or Yahoo. By taking top real estate for both organic and paid search results will show that you dominate the fantasy sports market in your respective categories.


PPC can drive links for SEO


Content is king in the SEO world. It drives traffic and builds links. But for that to happen, you need people to read, engage and link to your content. PPC is a great way to promote your great fantasy sports content to a larger audience who may never see it otherwise.


Because of PPC’s sophisticated targeting methods, it’s easy to get in front of people, particularly influencers in the industry. And assuming your content is good (because why wouldn’t it be, right?), these influencers will share with their audience, driving both traffic and links.

This is a great link building opportunity. Instead of the traditional way of contacting influencers to read and share your content, you’re using PPC ads to do the same.


PPC retargeting hits past site visitors


It’s a sad truth about the Internet – only 2 percent of first-time visitors to your site will actually convert. That means that for all of those people coming to your fantasy sports platform, only a handful will actually deposit and start to play. So it’s great if those visitors came to your platform because of your great SEO effort. But how do you get them to come back?


PPC retargeting is the answer here. You can target users that have previously interacted with your company through your website, social media or email. Use SEO to bring them to your site; use PPC retargeting to get them to come back.


PPC accelerates SEO effort


Again, SEO takes a long time to see results. Because of search engine algorithms, it may take months before you start to see results. But in the pay-to-play environment of PPC, results are almost immediate. Through PPC analysis, you’ll be able to see what keywords drive the most clicks, your bounce rates, exit rates, time spent on page, etc. All of this information can be implemented into your SEO game plan. The waiting game is almost eliminated.


So when it comes down to it, SEO and PPC should go hand-in-hand. Both drive brand awareness. Both drive traffic. And it done correctly, both should convert prospects into paying customers.


Need help with your PPC and SEO initiatives? Contact FantasyMeter today at or (817) 729-8771.




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Adding PPC to your SEO arsenal

September 16, 2016

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