4 ways to construct a quality email list for your fantasy sports business

December 11, 2015



The genesis of your fantasy sports site’s email marketing efforts is your subscriber list. Let’s face it, no matter how great your content, no matter how accurate you are with your predictions or waiver wire suggestions, if you don’t have a solid email list, who the heck cares? And by “solid,” we don’t necessarily mean big. Bigger isn’t always better in this case. A low-quality list filled with low open rates, tons of bounces and constant spam reports, can damage your sender reputation and make it even more difficult for your engaged subscribers to receive your emails (see also 8 things that could be destroying your email deliverability).


Get this…25-30 percent of the average email list churns every year simply from subscribers changing their email address. Want to simply maintain your current email list numbers? You’ll have to increase your subscriber numbers by at least that much each year. And that’s not an easy task. In a survey conducted by BlueHornet and Ascend2, more than two-third of respondents said growing and maintaining their email list is very important to the overall success of their marketing campaigns. It was also named as a top challenge. In the same survey, 74 percent said their email lists were growing slowly or not changing at all.


The answer to building and maintaining a quality email list should never include purchasing new emails from list brokers. That’s a sure-fire way of getting your company blacklisted across the major Internet Service Providers.  But, here are four good, short-term ways to construct a quality email list.


1. Keep your list clean

In email marketing terms, this is referred to as “list hygiene.” It basically means you are clearing out inactive contacts from receiving future email campaigns. Email providers have become more attuned to what recipients want to receive in their inbox. They are digging deeper into the emails you send and engagement your subscribers are having with those emails. So if your subscribers are inactive, i.e., not opening or clicking links in your emails, the email providers start to take notice.


So when do you remove a subscriber from your list? Pay close attention to the open rates of your subscribers. Those rates give a much more accurate picture of subscriber engagement then simple open rates. For fantasy sports businesses, send frequency is much higher than traditional businesses. For daily email sends, if a subscriber doesn’t click on a link within 30 days, consider them inactive and remove them from your list. For weekly emails, check inactivity after 90 days.


2. Optimize website opt-ins

Website traffic is one of the most effective email acquisition strategies, particularly if you make it as simple as possible. Bottom line, the opt-in process must be very easy to complete. As a suggestion, place your signup box in an upper corner of your page. Heat maps show that’s where visitors’ eyes go first. Or you could implement a pop-up when someone comes to your page, or before they exit it. Just don’t become annoying with this technique. Coding allows you to specify how often a pop-up should appear on your site.


In regards to the form, keep it short. Require only a few fields – maybe name, email and state. You can entice subscribers to provide more information at a later date. But don’t scare them away by asking for too much information up front.


3. Provide value or exclusivity

When it comes to email marketing, you’re in constant competition with other fantasy sports sites. Give your subscribers a reason to sign up for your emails. Give them exclusive information that they can only receive through your emails. Maybe value picks can only be found in your emails. Perhaps you provide a full lineup that can be played on any DFS platform. No matter what, just give them something exclusive to your emails.


4. Share socially

According to several industry experts, social sharing is the second-most effective email acquisition tactic. Social acquisition actually has a two-fold benefit. Obviously, it allows you to acquire new subscribers. But it also allows you to engage existing subscribers, allowing them to share your information with their friends. And remember, engagement equals better deliverability. Basically, through social sharing, you’re allowing your social advocates to grow your email database for you.


By utilizing these four short-term objectives, you’ll maximize the growth of your email list while still maintaining its quality.


Need help with your email marketing campaigns? Contact FantasyMeter today at info@fantasymeter.com or (817) 729-8771.

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