6 benefits of outsourcing your fantasy sports site's email marketing efforts

September 4, 2015




There’s been an ongoing marketing debate for years pinning social media against email. Both obviously have a place in the marketing channel, particularly in the fantasy sports industry. For our industry, social is sexy. It’s what avid fantasy players turn to for the latest injury news or lineup changes. And it’s fairly easy to maintain. Let’s face it, the most difficult aspect of social media is keeping your posts under 140 characters and finding the most compelling hashtags.


But in terms of customer retention, and to an extent, acquisition, email is what delivers.  And this statement is just as true in the fantasy sports world as it is to Amazon, StubHub or big box retailers. But unlike social media, there’s skill and technical processes involved in deploying a successful email marketing campaign. In today’s fast-paced, growing fantasy sports world, where DFS is taking off and more competitors are entering the arena, there are huge benefits in outsourcing this part of your marketing channel. Here are a few good reasons to consider outsourcing the email marketing of your fantasy sports business:


1. Saving staff time: You and your team have a lot to do every day. And with DFS growing exponentially, your time is even more strapped. You’re focused on blogging, predicting, operating, managing, etc. Not to mention wanting to draft and play yourself. You don’t have the time to build and deploy a quality email campaign every week, much less every day. So focus on what you do best, and let outsourced professionals take on the rest.


2. Preventing spam blocks: Email marketing use to be nothing more than drafting an email, clicking “send,” and watching the campaign hit inboxes. Those days are gone. Email platforms have strict guidelines on what makes it to the inbox and what goes directly to the spam folder. Unless you’ve been trained in the mechanics of email marketing and the nuances of the spam folder, leave it to the experts. Simply put, what’s the point in email marketing if the campaign constantly ends up as spam?


3. Designing for engagement: Once your campaign hits the inbox, you’re competing with all the other emails received. Outsourcing your site’s email marketing efforts provides you with quality, good-looking templates. The better the look, the more likely your subscribers will open and engage. Engagement always equals retention.


4. Managing your subscriber lists: If you think the fantasy sports industry is highly scrutinized, you should really check out the laws governing email sends. How often are you scrubbing your subscriber lists? Are you paying attention to your bounce rates or your unsubscribe numbers? All of this negatively impacts your deliverability and online reputation. And what about list segmentation or targeting? Subscriber lists can get out of control on a system that isn’t easily managed. Furthermore, segmenting lists can be time-consuming and frustrating. Outsourced email marketing services allow for easy management and segmentation of your lists.


5. Opting in/out: By outsourcing your email marketing, you no longer have the responsbility of managing your opt-ins/outs. A good email marketing company can provide innovative tools and features that can not only manage your subscriber lists, but can help you grow them as well.


6. Tracking analytics is much easier: Outsourced email services provide an enormous amount of analytics, well beyond the traditional opens and clicks we all cherish. Good services will let you know who’s opening your email, where they’re from, what exact link they’re clicking, and what time of day they’re opening the email. On the opposite side, they’ll be able to tell you who’s ignoring your emails, or flagging them as spam. No matter the circumstance, these analytics are greatly useful for future campaigns and to keep your contact list fresh.

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