7 ways to increase social shares for your fantasy sports business

November 3, 2015



Admit it. You’re a stalker. You constantly visit your competitors’ blogs to see if their sleeper picks match your sleeper picks. You follow them on social media to access their lineup advice or to see their value plays. You criticize them for choosing Miami’s defense against the Patriots, or think how lucky they were to suggest Drew Brees on a week when he threw for SEVEN TD passes. But above all, you stalk their follower numbers and how many times their content is being shared across multiple social channels (which, by the way, will only increase those follower numbers). And every day you think to yourself, “How the heck did they get that many social shares?”


Social media can be frustrating. You put in all this work to tweet, post, insta-whatever and tumble and maybe you get a share or two -- maybe a comment -- and that’s about it for your efforts. Yet, social media is one of the most important aspects of your fantasy sports site’s marketing initiatives. You can’t give up on it. If only you could increase your social shares. Well guess what? It’s possible.

Think about these stats:

  • 2.1 billion people have social accounts

  • 4.5 billion Facebook ‘likes’ are generated every day

  • 500 million tweets go out each day

  • The +1 button is  hit 5 billion times a day on Google+

  • 70 million photos and videos are sent daily through Instagram

The numbers above point to the fact that if you post, they will share, right? Wrong. So many times, great content goes unnoticed…or so it seems.


If we’re going to talk about increasing your social shares, let’s first discuss what constitutes a social share. By definition, a social share happens when someone reads content they like on the Internet and shares it with their social network. A social share is also counted when you share content with your followers and someone “likes” (clicking of the “like” button) or retweets the content, even if they haven’t actually read the full content. By the way, social shares do not have to originate on a major social site (more on that later).


Why are social shares so important? It’s simple. Social shares equals a wider audience. The more people that share your content, even if they aren’t social followers of your fantasy sports site, the larger your reach. And let’s not forget the impact social shares has on your site’s SEO and website ranking. The more shares you get, the better your rank on major search engines, which incidentally, now use social shares as part of their results algorithms.


So here are some ways your site to increase social shares:

1. Know where you audience socializes


There are well over 200 social networks in existence with billions of people participating in them. Note: Your fantasy sports site DOES NOT have to be on all of them. It’s very easy to get caught up in the next social craze. The next Facebook is probably being developed as you’re reading this post. But that doesn’t mean you have to jump into it when it launches.In the fantasy sports arena, Twitter is most popular, followed by Facebook, Instagram and Google+. Make sure you focus on these first, then evolve from there.


2. Count on your team to share


Social sharing shouldn’t be the sole responsibility of the person on your team handling your social media accounts. Every member of your team should be sharing content on their social channels. If they don’t believe enough in your content to share it, why would others?


3. Don’t wait to promote content


Creating content is no easy chore. You come up with an idea, you research, you write, you read, you rewrite, you edit, you publish. Guess what? You’re not done yet. Actually, you’re just getting started. Immediately go to your social channels and start pushing the content. Waiting stalls the social sharing process. And in this competitive industry, people want to be the first to share your content. (Need advice on the best times of day to post on social media? Check out FantasyMeter’s Fantasy Sports and Social Media Infographic.)


4. Make your site content easy to share


Remember, content sharing doesn’t have to occur only on social channels. Your fantasy sports site has tons of valuable content at your visitors’ fingertips. Every page on your site should have social sharing capabilities; whether that’s getting your web developer to add coding that allows for entire pages to be shared, or utilizing free social widgets from services like AddThis or Markerly.


5. Rewrite and post again


Nothing says you can’t post and repost the same content. That being said, don’t be lazy about it. Rewrite the headline and description before reposting. But REPOST! Remember, especially on Twitter, a follower’s wall is constantly updating. This is particularly true for followers of fantasy sports sites. So that your posts don’t get lost, post and post again. Good content deserves to be posted a few times a week.


6. Treat each network uniquely


Don’t fall too deep into social automation software. Twitter gives you 140 characters to make your point. Facebook and Google+ are much more lenient. Use the extra characters to tell more of the story. And make sure all your postings aren’t identical across all social channels.


7. Build your network followers


More social shares will come naturally if you build your social followers. So invest in social ads that will increase your following. Follow like-minded sites in hopes of a refollow. Make sure your team is constantly soliciting new followers through their personal social accounts. Bottom line, build your social numbers to increase social shares.


Need help with your fantasy sports site's social media efforts? Contact FantasyMeter today at (817) 729-8771 or info@fantasymeter.com.

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