Compliment your social strategy with email marketing

August 25, 2015



The fantasy sports industry lives in a social-centric world. Our social feeds are cluttered with everyone’s projections, advice, lineups, weather updates, injuries, news and…you get the picture. If the average Internet user logs 1.72 hours per day on social platforms, which represent about 28 percent of all online activity, wouldn’t you think an avid fantasy player would spend considerably more time just finding the right combination of players to fit under their DFS salary cap?


So how do you set yourself apart from your competition on the social front? It may seem a bit unorthodox, but the answer is email marketing. A successful social strategy starts with your traditional Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts. But it ends in your site visitors’ inboxes.


Contrary to what some marketers want you to believe, email is alive and well. Give this some thought: The Fantasy Sports Trade Association puts the average fantasy player at the age of 37. And 78 percent of people in that age bracket consider email as their preferred means of communication. So without a one-two punch of social and email, you’re missing the boat.


Look, the fantasy sports industry has done an okay job on the email marketing front. Go to any site and most likely, you’ll find a subscribe button somewhere. But then what? A random email goes out every so often with a subscription special, or today’s DFS picks or announcement about a new strategy ebook. To truly leverage your email subscriber list, thus enhancing your overall social presence, take a look at the following strategies:


  • Repurpose content: There’s no need to reinvent the wheel. You spend countless hours a week developing content for your website and social sites. This is the same content that can be repurposed in your email marketing efforts. So whether it’s a blog post or daily projections, putting the content in an email format will expand your reach and get more focused eyes on your content.

  • Create a schedule: Nothing catches a subscriber off guard than receiving one-off emails from a company. If you’re randomly sending emails, most likely they are ending up in a trash folder, or worse, unsubscribed from. Get into a habit of sending out emails on a schedule. This means sending out on the same day of the week, or the same time every day. What’s the best time to send out a daily fantasy sports email? Usually between 8 a.m. and 8:30 a.m. EST.

  • Mix it up: We know you’re a great writer. We know your subscribers have asked for an email newsletter so they can get your perspective on things. But when formulating an email strategy, mix it up a little. Think of your email as a one-stop shop to help them formulate the best DFS lineup or the best picks for an upcoming league draft. Include additional curated content, stats, weather updates or other engaging material. This establishes your email publication as the industry authority and makes your readers want to open it every time.

  • Engage your readers: Simply reading an email is so 2013. Today’s technology gives rise to new email marketing options that are sure to engage your subscribers. Make sure every link within your email is sharable across multiple social platforms. Allowing readers to share on their personal social accounts increases your chances of gaining new followers and subscribers. Add surveys to gather opinions. Your readers will be sure to open the next email to see the results. Embed links to videos and podcasts. Emails don’t have to be a read-only medium.

  • Segment your audience: Many fantasy sports sites cater to multiple sports at a time. I may come to your site only to read your projections on tonight’s MLB games. If you send me an email with a mix of MLB and NFL fantasy advice, I may unsubscribe quickly. So give your audience exactly that they’re looking for. Customize the content to meet their needs. Consider an email for each sport you cover, allowing subscribers to opt-in to each sport-specific email. This ensures loyal readers and doesn’t clutter their inbox with information they don’t want.

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