What Facebook's new lead ads mean to fantasy sports sites

October 22, 2015



Social media is obviously a huge part of fantasy sports. According to the Fantasy Sports Trade Association, 91 percent of fantasy sports players use social media on a daily basis, and 30 percent engage with social media during a sporting event. It’s where your customers go to research, get advice, follow your expertise and interact with like-minded enthusiasts. So while they’re on your Facebook page, wouldn’t it be great to capture their information for lead generation purposes?


Well guess what? It’s here. Over the summer, Facebook began testing their lead-generating ads. And now four months later, these "lead ads" are available for use by marketers. This can be huge lead generation opportunity for your fantasy sports site, allowing visitors who stumble across your Facebook page to sign up for contests, newsletters or other subscriber-based content without leaving the social network.


Here’s what makes this premise awesome. When a visitor clicks on your ad, with a clear call to action to “subscribe,” “enter contest” or “claim your deposit match,” they’ll be redirected to a sign-up form. But instead of the visitor filling out said form…wait for it…Facebook automatically populates information from their profile into relevant fields. They only have to fill in missing information (if applicable), click submit and voila! Their information is captured as a lead without them ever leaving Facebook.


Of course, just like any lead gen program, Facebook’s lead ads only work well for your fantasy sports site if you optimize them correctly. Here are a few tips to get you started:


Keep the opt-in form simple


Look, if you’ve had any formal training in marketing, you understand that your opt-in form makes or breaks your lead generation program. The opt-in form created on the new Facebook platform is no different.


First and foremost, take advantage of the auto-fill capabilities. You should be able to capture some key demographic information here – gender, age, personal contact information. But when you customize addtional fields, keep it minimal. We’re talking three to four additional fields max. Perhaps you want to find out the visitor’s preferred DFS platform, or how much money they spend per week on fantasy sports. Or maybe you're looking to  find out what fantasy sports they participate in most. But bottom line, keep it simple. Even though a visitor has less information to fill in because of the auto-population functionality, they’ll still abandon the form if it asks too much of them.


CRM integration is important


Warning: completely obvious comment ahead. Facebook leads are only effective if you capture the information. Fantasy sports businesses are not THAT different from a traditional business when it comes to organizing leads. Most likely, you have some type of customer relationship management (CRM) system that you’re utilizing. Good news…Facebook integrates its services with Salesforce, Marketo, Driftrock, Maropost, Oracle, Marketing Cloud, and Sailthru. And if you’re currently using HubSpot and other CRM software, Facebook it working on integration there as well.


Until integration occurs, you can download your leads in a .csv file, which is a good viable solution for now.


Don’t rely solely on Facebook lead ads


Yes, there’s been a lot written about early successes of Facebook’s new lead ads. And yes, these ads are proving to have a significantly lower cost-per-conversion. But you can’t put all your eggs in one basket. The new Facebook tool should supplement, but not replace, other forms of inbound marketing.


Think of the tool as a vehicle for immediate gratification. Want more newsletter subscribers? Looking to fill a DFS contest? This is the tool to use. But perhaps if you’re looking to promote a new eBook or subscription service to a lineup optimizer, you might consider other alternatives.


Test it!


Duh. Testing lead ads is the only way to truly measure success. The good news is that you can A/B test, change buttons, alter verbiage, fine-tune and adjust audience targeting, and more. Utilize this functionality – over and over again. Otherwise, you won’t get a true sense of whether this tool is working for your fantasy sports business.


Need help creating your Facebook lead ads for your fantasy sports site? Contact FantasyMeter today at info@fantasymeter.com or (817) 729-8771.

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