How to implement strong CTAs in your fantasy sports site's digital campaigns

April 6, 2016

Your fantasy sports site has a purpose. Maybe it’s creating a unique DFS experience, or delivering data and analytics to DFS platforms, or providing engaging fantasy sports content that help players select the best lineups possible. But whether your business is focused on the B2C or B2B side of the fantasy sports industry, your site’s No. 1 purpose is to be a catalyst for new leads and/or new customers. And that’s where intentional, well-placed calls to action (CTAs) come into play.


A call to action is a compelling button, image or text hyperlink created to encourage a visitor to take a desired action on your site. These simple yet crucial tools give you the opportunity to engage with potential and existing customers. Yet, 70 percent of websites lack CTAs, according to Small Business Trends. And CTAs should not be limited to just your website. They should become an integral part of your email marketing, social marketing and landing page strategy.


According to Kissmetrics, 96 percent of people aren’t ready to commit to a purchase the first time they visit your site. But that certainly doesn’t mean you shouldn’t capture information from your prospects early in the buying process. That’s where your fantasy sports site truly benefits from good CTAs. And believe it or not, as brief and somewhat simple as they may be, there’s a science behind good CTAs. Here are a few tips to effectively use CTAs on your site or any other digital marketing campaign.


Limit the number of CTAs


So how many CTAs are we talking about on one page of your site, or in one email campaign, or on one landing page? Look, you don’t want to overwhelm. Imagine a page on your site with CTAs asking a user to join a contest, optimize a lineup, download a strategy ebook, deposit funds, etc. So keep it simple by providing only one call to action on a page or campaign. Otherwise, you run the risk of forcing a visitor to bounce quickly.


Find prime real estate


This is probably the most highly debated aspect of CTAs: where the heck do you put the call to action for optimal results? If you do your research, you’ll find some experts telling you to put the CTA “above the fold” on the page – that is, towards the top where a user doesn’t have to scroll down to see it. Others will tell you to place it at the bottom of the page. And still others will tell you the most effective place to put it is immediately below copy. Technically, they’re all right. You have to put yourself in a user’s situation to determine the best placement on your page.


For example, let’s say you’ve developed an ebook on DFS strategy. In exchange for an email address and contact information, a user can download the book for free. You wouldn’t want to place the CTA immediately below the title of the ebook. Even if you’ve written the most descriptive title possible, you haven’t given them a reason to download the ebook yet. You would want to place the CTA immediately below the description of the ebook. So, capture their interest with an intriguing title, followed by a well-written description/explanation, followed immediately by the CTA.


Design CTAs to grab attention


Don’t let your CTA get lost on your page. They need to stand out. More and more marketers are choosing buttons over text links. In fact, according to Campaign Monitor, including a call-to-action button can increase conversion rates by as much as 28 percent over a text link.

And in regards to the CTA buttons, size matters. Don’t feel like you have to create a CTA that’s in direct proportion to the other text on the page. Make it big and attention grabbing. Set it off with some white space to avoid clutter around it. Bottom line, design your CTAs to draw the eye to them.


Focus on the copy


Here’s where the true science comes in. You know the digital attention span of a fantasy sports player is short – less than 8 seconds in most cases. You want these users to act fast, so the wording of your CTAs should reflect that. Your word choices should be succinct, powerful and emotional.


CTAs should be short. You should aim for 2-4 words max. Consider using action words like “join,” “download,” or “subscribe.” Couple that with urgent words like “now,” “today,” or “instant.”

And your CTAs should be relatable. Make them a little more personable by using “I” or “me” within the copy. Don’t be afraid to get conversational here. “I want to upgrade!”, “Download these hardcore stats!”, or “Watch these sleepers!” are completely acceptable in the fantasy sports space.


By working with a qualified digital marketing firm or a group of digital experts to create concise messaging combined with strong CTAs, you’ll find it much easier to facilitate conversions and continue marketing to engaged users of your fantasy sports business.


Need help with your calls to action? Contact FantasyMeter today at or (817) 729-8771.

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