Compliment your email marketing efforts with paid search (and vice versa)

April 20, 2016

In your fantasy sports business’ digital marketing funnel, pay-per-click (PPC) and email are at opposite ends of the spectrum. PPC is used to acquire new customers and leads, while email is used to retain and nurture those leads. But savvy digital marketers are starting to break the silos within this funnel, allowing PPC and email to work hand-in-hand to deliver killer cross-functional results.


Whether you have a DFS strategy ebook to promote, daily lineup advice to provide, or analytical fantasy projections to give, having a combined strategy of PPC and email can have huge impact on your inbound marketing efforts. Here are a few ways to compliment your email marketing efforts with paid search (and vice versa).


Use PPC to entice new subscribers


Email list churn is a real thing. On average, list churn eats up about 25-30 percent of your email list every year. This is done through unsubscribes, changed or dead email addresses, email blocks, or bounces. If your list’s growth rate doesn’t outpace your churn rate, you’re going to find your email list staying the same size or even noticeably falling.


PPC is a perfect way to grow your email list with new, qualified leads. Through paid search, your message, product or service will display prominently within the search results. Once the prospect clicks, consider taking them to a landing page that has a subscription form with a strong call-to-action. You might even consider offering an incentive for them to sign up, such as a complimentary trial of your analytics platform or a week of free premium content from your site.


Use search remarketing to find a new audience


Paid search shouldn’t be limited to PPC campaigns. Google has expanded its paid search reach to include remarketing options through its Google Display Network (GDN). To its credit, GDN reaches about 80 percent of your online audience. Here’s how it works:


A web user goes to Google and types in a search term, let’s say “fantasy sports data.” Google attaches a cookie to the user so that when they visit another site within the GDN, your banner ad shows on that site. The remarketing effort is tied directly to the set of PPC keywords you’ve established and are bidding on.


Here’s the biggest key to this approach. The display ads you’ve created for the GDN platform must link over to a landing page where you introduce some type of content or offer to the user in exchange for their email address. Again, you’re taking a PPC tactic and using it to bolster your email list.


Upload your email lists to create identity-based PPC campaigns


One of the biggest, and possibly the most important, trends happening in PPC is identity-based marketing. As a PPC advertiser, you can upload your targeted email lists into AdWords to establish bids that are customized specifically for certain segments of the list.


If you’re running any type of email marketing campaign, you’re probably already segmenting your lists into specific groups, based on what they’ve purchased in the past or where they are in the purchasing journey. Export these segmented lists and reuse them in your PPC campaigns.


Email performance can drive Google Sponsored Promotions messages


Considered the most popular email service, there are now over 900 million Gmail users worldwide. And that number has doubled in just the last three years. And within the Gmail platform, there are what’s called Google Sponsored Promotions (GSP). GSPs are ads that look similar to a collapsed email at the top of a Gmail user’s inbox and allows marketers to target prospective leads based on their Gmail account activity. If the keywords you’re bidding on for your existing PPC campaigns exist in a user’s inbox, your ad is eligible to appear in their Gmail account.


With GSPs, you can bid on your competitors’ domains by uploading them into the keyword section of your AdWords account. This means that your GSP ads will appear to those who are already receiving emails from your competitors. Cool little trick, right?


Need help with your PPC or email marketing efforts? Contact FantasyMeter today at or (817) 729-8771.

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